Thorium in norway

Thorium in Norway

Fen area

This geological site in the Telemark region is an ancient volcano that contains a unique collection of minerals. Rare earth elements and uranium in addition to at least 1 million tons of thorium are also of commercial interest.

Thorium Norway ASA

Three parties have mineral rights in Fen : The historic iron miner Cappelen Holding ASA, the Norwegian state and Thorium Norway AS. The latter shares the vision for a cheap and disruptive thorium energy infrastructure.

1 million tons of Th contain minimum 300 yrs of global energy.

1 ton of Th powers the city of Oslo for 1 year – using the MSR!

Debate and opinion

Some see thorium taking over from North Sea oil. Vocal environmentalists have criticized both the Accelerator Driven System proposed by Dr Egil Lillestøl and varying Water Reactors proposed by Thor Energi AS. A stable majority of public opinion perceives thorium as acceptable as opposed to uranium.