Thorium for all

Thorium Alliance – ThAll – Thorium for All

An international Thorium Molten Salt Charter under the World Nuclear Association is under contemplation.

Such a Charter would include clauses on :

  • – Non-proliferative use of stockpiles and High Level Waste for start charges
  • – Defences-in-depth proliferation resistance of site
  • – Redundant safeguards for reactor safety and Fission Product Waste disposal
  • – Civilian use only : Military applications banned including propulsion of missiles, ships, submarines, aircraft and vehicles
  • – Fuel efficiency : No disposal of significant thorium amounts along with Fission Product waste
  • – Technical excellence
  • – Openness, inclusion, fairness and reasonable pricing

The Thorium Molten Salt Charter would not be a top-secret nor geopolitically important document since inherent properties of fuel and reactors make the system highly unattractive to terrorists and rogue states.

Partners, customers and governments taking the oath of signing the Charter would be welcome to share burden of development and later to access the technology.