The report

The Report

In February 08 Thorium report committee chairman Mikko Kara handed over the document to the Norwegian Minister for Oil and Energy.  The Molten Salt Reactor actually comes out in style : The Report recognizes the fact that the MSR is the only GenIV machine that can run on a closed thorium fuel cycle. Also thorium energy should be recognized as CO2-free and sustainable. a Nordic collaboration is recommended

Our commentaries to the Report

We think that more emphasis should be have been focused in practical detail on reactor safety, operation simplicity, non-proliferation and cost.

The committee echoed the Norwegian Geological Survey, NGU, that mining costs for Fen thorium are uncertain. We remind that 10 000€ per kg Th is fully acceptable. Due diligence in Fen will reveal primary revenue streams from Rare Earth Elements REEs allowing for high environmental standards.

Thorium ElectroNuclear published commentaries to the Thorium report on the Minister’s website.

The MSR was mentioned in the Norwegian technical weekly TU.

Open Hearing in the Stortinget ?

Since commentaries 25 are postive and only 4 negative, an Open Hearing in the Norwegian Parliament should be called for. We ask all concerned to register their interest with the Energy- and Environmental Commitee :  Tiril Vogt + 47 23 31 31 00


The current majority of socialdemocrats, socialists and agrarians is not favorable to a thorium program, However, the Progress Party is committed to a program to be launched during their first 100 days in office. They have promising polls now and elections take place in September 2009.