Safe and green

Safe operation

  • Intrinsically safe from meltdown
  • Radioactivity largely confined in melt – low vapor pressure
  • Minimum fissile inventory
  • Fast boron injection available
  • Minimum excess reactivity and rest heat in accidented core
  • Completely remote monitor and control
  • Eventually fuelled for life without any further need of human intervention
  • Non-operational crystallized salt melt stable for years before site decommisson
  • All nuclear grade work orders can be handled by expert during maintenance inspections
  • Simple procedures to confine small quantities of poisonous flourides and fission products


  • Start charge and uranium233 dissolved in cubic meters of 450- 700degC salt melt
  • Uranium233 recognized as unsuitable as weapons material because of decay heat and intense gamma radiation
  • Time window for freshly bred uranium233 as terrorist weapons material can be further mitigated by ionium doping or uranium238 denaturing
  • Fast denaturation injection available
  • Low thermal neutron flux out of core for un-authorized parasite breeding
  • Dirty nuclear or chemical bomb ineffective

Minimal environmental footprint

  • Absolute minimum of nuclear waste
  • Waste handling dimensioned for the short lived Fission Products, the fissioned component
  • Only negligible levels of High Level Waste, the unfissioned component
  • No need for large cooling water reservoirs
  • Absolutely no CO2
  • Minimum inventory of poisonous chemicals
  • Minimum need for special steel, concrete, processing acids, fluorine, light elements