1GWe MSR plant layout

50m x 50m = 2500 m2 = 0.6 acre that can be located 30m underground, not even occupying valuable urban real estate.

Vs 1GWe wind

200 plants à 25 generators towering 50m above ground would occupy 25 000 acres of real estate. Add the bass tone noise of tumbling blades, the broken landscape and the risk of hurricane destruction.

Vs biomass

Bio land estimates differ widely. People refer to different performance metrics and different cultivations To fuel Sweden’s carpark via ethanol refined from the traditional paper mass would take ten times her current agriculture. Biomass energy density is microscopic compared to fossile fuels. Which in turn are microscopic compared to nuclear.

Vs 1GWe solar panels

100 watt per m2 corresponds to 25 000 acres per GWe. Solar is only relevant in the desert tropics. Surface maintenance methods and down times remain unknown.